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Gamma-Ray Burst is built for advertisers spending over $30k per month on paid search, social, display, or video ads.
Gamma-Ray Burst Ai engine

Lower your CPC

For every $5 spent on digital ads, fraud takes $1.

AI driven blocklist

We analyze millions of signals each day across our AI platform to highlight in real-time the IPs of fraudulent actors and we send them to your ads network to be blocked.

Element54 Clickfraud AI engine block fraudulent bots from seing your paid ads

Our marketing efficiency platform can identify fraudulent traffic browsing your website and block it from seeing and wasting your paid ads.

Convert wasted ad budget into growth

36% of display ad clicks are fraudulent

14 900 $ average yearly losses to SMB

705 000 $ average yearly losses due to click fraud to SME+

14 third party scripts in average on website adding ever lasting delay to download and execute.

US brands lost $6.5 billion to ad fraud in 2017

E54 GBR will save your ads budget from being wasted on bots, click farms, competitors and other fraudulent actors trying to harm your business.

Gamma-Ray Burst click-fraud AI engine

Our AI model uses over 50 types of signals to score and identify every request and their likelihood of coming from a bad actor.

Speed up your site, Enforce GDPR compliance & Boost your revenue in minutes with our cutting-edge technology

14 Days free trial
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