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Cookie Consent solution for Data Protection & Compliance

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of sites have visitor tracking compliance issues

2.7 Billions €

Issued GDPR related fines so far

GDPR/CCPA compliance banner

E54 provides feature rich cookie banners and records user consent to make your site GDPR/CCPA compliant.

Element54 Dome is fully responsive.

Custom consent form aligned with your experience

We designed a fully customizable banner. 
Change the text, alignments, buttons and colors to fit your website design.

Element54 Dome is fully customizable.
Responsive and accessible design
Element54 Dome is multi-language so you can present your website cookie in the language of your visitor.
Speak to your visitors in their language

One code helps your website achieve
GDPR and CCPA compliance

Police your third party scripts

E54 prevents any third party scripts from collecting information prior to your visitor consent.

Illustration of third party scripts when websites are not using Element54 solution

The majority of third party scripts execute and collect information before the visitors have the time to accept or reject your cookie consent making your site not GDPR compliant.

Element54 police third party script to make sure your site is GPDR and CCPA compliant.

Element 54 will handle the cookie consent of your site to ensure your compliance with Privacy laws.

Speed up your site, Enforce GDPR compliance & Boost your revenue in minutes with our cutting-edge technology

14 Days free trial
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